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“Don’t Kill the Cat, Be A Creative Misfit” is a book about adopting a holistic approach with 5 easy steps designed to think differently. It is an attempt to unify the concept and debunk the myths that creativity is a prerogative to a few individuals. The book is thoughtfully curated and is catalogued with ideas. It is a guide for thinking and solutioning illustrated with quick examples and nuggets of information to channelize and build your creative traits. This book is dedicated to readers, who want to experiment and win and to those who are dreaming to carve their name in the new emerging world.

TINY TOM – A little wonder

Many moons ago, in the rustic town of Blacksmith, there lived a tiny rat, by the name of Tom. The grim town was a place where the rats were quarrelsome and unruly. Everyone at Blacksmith loathed the hardships and they longed to sail off to the fabled land of Berberry, in hope for a better life. But Tom was different. He meandered aimlessly through the world at his own sweet will and dreamt long waking dreams away from the maddening rush. He found solace in an abandoned bell tower, a shiny spot where he could gaze and admire his celestial town. He was bewitched by the glow ball and the sparkly sky.

Life was a simple song for Tom. He was often mocked and bullied by his friends in cram school for his unusual appearance. He was whiskerless, had a protruding belly and big round ears. They often hurled mean remarks that made him sad. He felt like a misfit

Maria, his mother loved him dearly, but father Alex remained disappointed and always rebuked him for being silly and irresponsible. When Tom failed in cram school, Alex grew furious and assigned him the harsh job of collecting firewood. All in exchange for a bowl of steaming hot porridge, twice a day. Maria remained protective about her Tom, but there was little she could do in this situation.

But as seasons changed, Tom began enjoying venturing into wildwoods, and to him it turned into a kind of magical escape, a newfound world where he could swirl in imagination and embark on alluring adventures. Tom had a lit spirit, for he had music in his soul. With a head full of questions, he had the ability to imagine things into existence. Tom loved gnawing through the woods. He would often trot upstream along the rustling river and skid playfully down among the lush green grasses, snuffing breeze with his flaring nostrils.

On one dreadful night when a great tragedy struck the twin town of Blacksmith and Berberry, Tom’s life took a new turn…

TINY TOM, A little wonder is a heartwarming story for children, young adults, and for parents.



Humans are the only species that have the incredible potential to build and reinvent the future. Right from creating mega cities, flying to moon, sailing under water, from building robots to chasing the dream of colonizing mars and  interplanetary travel, we keep pushing the boundaries. 

Just imagine if a medieval man wakes up from his sleep and finds himself in the middle of Manhattan, how would he react? He would wonder if had been abducted by aliens or had he ruptured into some surreal dream? The massive glassy skyscrapers, crowds hustling, cars, huge bill boards, neon lights, planes flying over will make him go crazy. His surroundings would leave him baffled, and would scare him witless. While a bee remains busy making honey and monkey keep jumping branches, man has been endowed with an ability to think, imagine and create. We have the ability to translate abstract ideas into palpable, tangible and visible reality. 

Today, we are a part of this Imagination economy, we live in an era where the intuitive and creative thinking breeds economic value. The worldly winds are shifting again and our world is now moving at a warp speed. Next half a decade, The METAVERSE will change the gameplan. Soon we all are propelling into an  immersive virtual world, where people would gather to socialize, play, and work. We will be represented by Avatars (animated characters) in this new digital world. With an avalanche of new technologies, each one of us would need to adapt to these shifting times. And like a spindle we need to give a creative spin to sharpen our skills to launch into this new future. 

Interestingly ideas are infinite in supply today. Often a good idea may remain in a deadpan, because we never breathe life into it. There is no wizardry in being creative. The creative minds do not land from another planet, they are Just one amongst us. Most genius have a remarkably playful mind. Like a child they love to tweak ideas to create new reality. The digital world offers a level playing field and has given rise to hundreds of billionaires and millionaires in last two decades. And most important, it offers everyone an equal opportunity to make your mark.  Today, Each one of us can ride this wave, But to excel in it, that we have manoeuvre with Creative Thinking. 

‘THE CREATIVE SPINDLE’ is a book about adopting a holistic approach with 5 easy steps, that are designed to think differently. It is dedicated to readers, who want to experiment and win and for those who are wishing to carve their name in the brave new world.