Tarab Khan

Artist & Author


Tarab khan, was born on 6th December, 1983. She spent her early days in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. At a tender age of six, her family relocated to a coastal town, Berhampur, in Odisha. Growing up by the sea, she was a visitor to the quaint shores & spent her evenings musing & ‘whatiffing’ playfully. Chasing the moon and admiring the cosmic tapestry that hangs over the night sky, imbibed in her a sense of curiosity. She indulged in riveting exploration with her little colour box. Her little self took a delight in reading stories and fables of the faraway lands. Movements enthralled her & soon the cascading clouds, the mystical creatures & exotic lands began entering her canvases.

Tarab started her professional journey with Art in 2013. Most visitors in her Art shows describe her paintings as dramatic and panoramic. She herself describes them as a condensation of her little universe. There is a sense of elemental dynamism in her brush strokes. Her canvases feel like a poetic verse, with tiny rivulets of bright colours creating ripples of interesting esoteric illusions. Emblazoned with mystical creatures and symbols, the stories in the paintings suggest the presence of occult mystic symbols. They emphasise the exploration of the magical power of the unknown, and at the same time, lends a feel of enchantment. Her Art can be described as a seductive blend of fantasy and imagination. Booming in a mystic realm, she paints on canvas and illustrates on paper with visible ink.

Constantly changing facets of life propelled her interest in the duality of human existence. She felt intrigued by the repressed dark side of humans and began to seek beyond the pyramids of life & contours of death. There is a certain disquieting focus in her Art that lends depth and rigour. Some paintings are haunting as if a spiritual tornado arrived & left the passage, while leaving its traces behind. At times deeply involved & at other times completely detached, there is an undertone of melancholy. Some paintings are dark & explosive, like a tightly coiled energy that explodes at the epicentre and cascades, lending a visual intensity and rhythm on the canvas.

Tarab holds a masters degree in Economics. She is also a published Author with Bloomsbury. Two new books are coming up soon. She has been invited as a speaker and as a collaborator to various social initiatives and a panelist to many forums, Art and literary events. She takes sessions & workshops for B-Schools students and business executives from large multinationals on topics like Creativity, Visual Thinking and The Art of Story Telling. She resides in Hyderabad.