Skies & Flesh

Skies & Flesh, is a collection of my dark luminous poems illustrated with equally poised Surrealistic Art.

Drowning in abyss of pain and blood, the poems traverse through many passages of time of darkness, betrayal, love and hatred. It is a world lost and found. A tale of creation from destruction and about the unquenchable dreams to swirl and chase.

These poems are born from the quest and sufferings, hope and glory, love and revenge. It is not only a journey, it’s a new awakening.

Few lines from some of my poems…

Poem 1: My Naked Soul


I could have painted a beautiful lie
But that’s not what I truly desire

How do I deny you a poignant tale
When there is a storm brewing deep within

The sea shall wash in dismay
It’s shore will shrink and die

The mountains shall fold and crumple
The land shall shake in new tremors

They all shall perish and recede
If they ever witness my naked soul.

Poem 2: Your Alluring Tales


The voyages I made inside of you
Ruptured the prism of my illusion
The arduous struggle, the dipping pain
The biting discomfort, the price paid

Poem 3: Choke in Delight

Madness is flowing
Deep in the trenches of ecstasy
Fragmented crisp dark desire
Swirl and rise like a snake

Poem 4: The Gazer


But I still remember your two eyes
Long after you were gone
The Gazer you were
I swear!

Poem 5: A New Fire


Thousand mistakes made me who I am
Each layer of mine is defined
Moulded after burning in a thousand rage…

Poem 6: An Awakened Spirit


Shaken and washed
I arose from my deep slumbers
Only to return with an awakened spirit!