Paintings by Tarab

My Artist Statement:

Art is incoherent and it crystallises in the helms of a deep quest. It is a mysterious imaginary voyage unbounded by physicality and realism. Tarab’s paintings are a poetic rendering of dream sequences that traces many passages of time. Carved in the meadows of silence, her work is a projection of some whimsical stories, poetries and parables. These symbols and metaphors are weaved in an opulent fantasies through the prism of her imagination.

Blooming in a mystic realm, her Art extends beyond the pyramids of life and contours of death. It is a limitless voyage of swirling fantasies and eluding truths.

She paints on canvas and illustrate on papers with visible ink. She use colours such as Oil, Acrylic, Water, Crayons, Pen and sometime Pencils.

Am I for Real

Am I for Real

Dancing With The Clouds

Dancing With The Clouds

Flight of Fantasy – 1

Flight Of Fantasy-1

Flight of Fantasy – 2

Flight Of Fantasy-2


Intimidating Eyes

Initimidating Eyes

The Fury


Dancing With The Clouds


Art Exhibitions :

  1. Nehru Art Centre, Mumbai : Solo Show – August 2018
  2. Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi : Group Show – Sept 2014
  3. Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhu : Solo Show – Dec 2013 / Jan 2014
  4. India Habitat Centre, Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi : Solo Show – May 2013
  5. Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad : Solo Show – Jan 2013