Fables of enchantment and intrigue…

‘Dancing With The Clouds’ is a collection of fascinating stories. Set in a fabled island of Nankhatoi – A land of forgotten times, these stories are illustrated with whimsical art.

A curious little girl arrives at a gypsy fair, where an enchantress lures her into buying a kaleidoscope. On the night of the crimson moon, fate conspires and the little girl slips into the mysterious kaleidoscope and her life alters forever…

Trapped inside a new found world of illusions and dreams, she and her unusual companions live many alluring adventures and nightmares. But then, can they ever escape from this conspiring world?

Dancing With The Clouds is an irresistible invitation to experience life through the prism of a little girl’s curiosity and her splendid imagination. The stories will induce children, young minds and grown-ups to enter a new world where abstractions are built, realities are questioned and dreams are etched.


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Link to the book : https://www.bloomsbury.com/…/dancing-with-the-clouds-97893…/

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