Tarab Khan

I am an Author of the book, ‘Dancing with the clouds’ published by Bloomsbury. This is my first fantasy fiction book for children and young adults. I began my journey in the World of Art in 2013. Many of the leading Art Galleries in India have represented my work, (Sublime Galleria – Bangalore, Visual Art Gallery ‘IHC’, Lalit Kala Akademi – New Delhi, Nehru Art Centre – Mumbai and other leading private galleries in India). My work has been collected by many art lovers and enthusiast.

Born in in a quaint little town of Shahjahanpur, India, I have spent my early years in Uttar Pradesh. When I was six, my family moved to Berhampur, Odisha – a town just few miles by the sea. I take sessions on Story Telling, Visual Thinking, Creativity and on Art for children, Corporate Executives and Business graduates. I have been invited as panelist and as speaker to various Forums and Schools.