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Dancing With The Clouds !


Sometime in life you are greeted by a moment, that overwhelms you. Today, I want to share my story, and a journey I covered, a tale of hope and dreams and of rejections and despairs. Friends who are close to me have seen me live through these phases. Writing a book was never a whim for me, it was something that I always wanted to do for my father, whom I lost when I was 14. Today he is not here, but I am sure he is watching me.

All through the journey, I have lived two different phases. The first phase, the first version of the story was swift and easy, and had a dreamer’s voice. Everything felt magical, I was in great flow and completed the manuscript quickly and remained excited like a child. Yes, Life felt like a dream and then reality hit me hard. The rejections jolted me. Sad and frightened, I remained quiet on the shore, afraid to take the plunge. Many doubts echoed in my mind. I still remember those frustrating days & gloomy nights. The story began to fade and I wrapped up.

Few months passed and until one day, a new hope sparkled: Let me give it one last try. Gathering some courage, I began to revive. I began to understand the value of discipline. I opened my mind to new learnings and the quest grew deeper. I rewrote the Stories. The new characters began to evolve and the book finally found it’s voice. I learnt that every setback in life is a new chance to grow. This entire experience humbled me.

I cannot make any claims, for it’s only for the readers to decide. I am still learning, but all through this journey, I remained honest with my intention and sincere in my efforts.

‘Dancing With The Clouds’ teleports you to a land where imagination unfolds, where birds long for love and companionships, where the whimsical clouds are the story tellers, and where the stoic boat challenges your beliefs and fears.

My sincere thanks to my publishers, Bloomsbury for their tremendous support and guidance. A big warm hug to all my dear friends, who have always been so encouraging. My heartfelt gratitude to all 🌸🌸 Tarab.

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